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The brand new website for Simple Piano will bring you 'easy to follow' book/audio/video piano lessons which will focus on detailed theory in the core lessons aswel as side lessons on styles from Pop to Rock, to Blues to Jazz, from Gospel to Country, to Classical to Ragtime.

All lessons will be step by step and in, incredible detail.

The emphasis of Simple Piano will be to teach you how to play the piano professionally, whether by ear, sight reading, or by a particular style.

Membership enquiries should be addressed to

We look forward to seeing you when we launch in 2019.

Online video Piano Lessons to be Launched 2019


Simple Piano is being built with the aim of creating the best piano related instuctional website on the web.

Approximately one month before the website launch, a few select people will be randomly picked from the mailing list with the opportunity to test the website before the main launch.

The idea of Simple Piano is to teach, by book/audio and video instruction, step by step and in depth, how to play the piano without leaving out any of the little bits, from total beginner to advanced.

The core lessons will not be a course, for example, from a beginning to an ending. It will offer ongoing lessons that always follow from the previous lesson, therefore not leaving you stuck on what to focus on next.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience, as creating the content for the website takes alot of time.

In the meantime, check out my Youtube channels if you havent already:

This channel is pretty old with some really bad camera work, however it still offers some useful information.

This channel is the newest, however it has a considerably less amount of videos. Through the coming months I will try and get some spare time to add more videos to this channel.

Again thank you for your patience, and dont forget to signup up for a one time email once the site is launched. You might even be lucky to get the opportunity to test out the website for free :)

Thanks again, Darren 


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